Visit Tank Land for the UK's premier mini tank adventure
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Safety Onsite

Visiting Tank Land...

  • There is parking outside the gate, and parking inside on the side verges. Please park carefully and sensibly.
  • There is a strict NO SMOKING policy on the entire site. If you smoke on the road, please do not leave your butts on the road or verges. Dispose of them responsibly. The Woodland poses a fire risk for any cigarette butts left alight.

What to Wear...

  • You will be taking a drive around real woodland, which can be muddy when wet. Please dress appropriately for rough muddy ground and woodland walks. Wear old clothes!
  • The ground will also be uneven, rough, potentially muddy in the customer areas. Avoid wearing heals or open toe shoes.
  • The driver area can get warm, so it's recommended not to over dress.
  • In the event of rain, the tanks are open top therefore you will get wet during the driving experience.
  • You might also get your feet wet if you drive too fast through a muddy puddle! Daddy Pig would be proud!

Health & Safety Warning

  • The drive is noisy, however you will be given ear protectors and a safety helmet. If you have your own helmet, you are welcome to bring it.
  • The tanks are also bumpy to drive therefore you can get thrown around a little. If you suffer from neck, back or joint pains, or you are pregnant this is not the ride for you.
  • If you suffer from claustrophobia, this may not be suitable for you due to the driver being encapsulated in the fibre-glass shell.
  • The driver area can get warm.
  • Because of these items in the list, we have an optional break after 15 minutes. The break does not affect overall drive time.

Visit Tank Land for the best mini tank driving adventure in the country. A unique and awesome experience that you will not forget!